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Welcome, and Meet Steve!

Updated: Feb 14

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The spoken word is just an extension of the process of organizing the verbiage in your brain before scribing them down in an organized manner to hard copy. Most of my life has been on the terms of talk, but learning to collocate thoughts has been a gratifying process that I have also enjoyed taking time to approach. Amongst my writings on this site you will also be able to access and hear many interviews over the years with musicians, actors, sports figures and other personalities who helped shape our pop culture landscape. My writings include extensions of some of the people you may hear including several fictional stories of things we all sometimes just dream about.

"Ali vs Teo" is what could have been had to two biggest fighters in the 70's been allowed to compete at the highest level. "21 Down in Vegas" taps into my baseball fantasy of a small college team's accidental trip through the portal of the unimaginable. "Snap Shots" is simply adding stories to pictures that would otherwise just be an unimagined stand-alone moment. Every print was a story unto itself and so I just decided to finish them. "Skunk Country Chronicles" was my first book and perhaps the hardest. It took almost ten years to adapt how a small-town radio station's public file for the FCC could actually become a humorous adventure. "20 Years of Rock and Roll" is a year-by-year account of some of the greatest acts

in pop music and their journey each year to perform in Portsmouth, Ohio at the Vern Riffe Center for the Arts.

Over the years 350 million selling hits were performed by the original artists. Coming soon and to be announced is my latest memoir titled. "Don't Touch That Radio Dial" ( You Don't Know Where It's Been). This is my personal love letter to the profession of radio that was once the only social network on the planet. It is full of fun, inside stories, and remembrances of the day when radio ruled.

It's my hope that you will explore around my site, feel at home, and let me know what you think! My email address is and I would truly love to hear from you. Your thoughts and interaction are always the fuel that continues to make the engine run!


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