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About Steve A. Hayes

From the spotlight of a sixth-grade talent show to the airwaves of local radio, Steve has always known his destiny lay in storytelling. With a voice that resonates and a presence that inspires, he has journeyed through life collecting stories and personal experiences that have entertained many generations of readers.

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Steve with actor, James Hampton

Learning What Steve Is About

Steve's story is rooted in Portsmouth, Ohio, where at a young age, he discovered his voice. By the time he was a teenager, Steve was working at the local hometown radio station in Portsmouth, Ohio learning the business from the ground up.  After attending Ohio University he then embarked on a radio career that took him to great cities like Huntington, W. Va, Daytona Beach and Jacksonville, Fla, Houston, Tx,  Cincinnati, Louisville, and Lexington, Ky. It was returning to his hometown in Portsmouth, Ohio in 1999 where his writing passion began.

As a Manager, shareholder, and morning host for WNXT-FM it was now time to tell some stories! 

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Learn About My Work

His days on the radio turned into mornings spent writing columns for the local paper, and those columns turned into books. His first book, "The Skunk Country Chronicles," was a love letter to the small-town life and the radio days that shaped him. Writing wasn't just a job for Steve; it was a way to connect with others and share the personal experiences that shaped his life. In his years of writing, Steve has written 6 unique books that cater to all readers.

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Steve with the The Oak Ridge Boys

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Great Times Inspire Great Stories

Steve with Marty Brennaman

Steve with

BJ Thomas

Steve and Reds 2nd baseman, Jonathon India

Steve, who authored Gene Bennett's Bio, at a book signing

Steve with Micky Dolenz of 'The Monkees'

Steve with Al Oliver

Steve with KC of the Sunshine Band

Steve with Huey Lewis

Steve on the set of 'The Andy Griffith Show' in the Mayberry Courthouse

Steve with

Muhammed Ali

Steve with legendary actor Charlton Heston

Steve and Gene out together

Steve with the 'Four Tops'

Steve with Randy Owens from the band, Alabama

Steve's Baseball card for playing in the Reds Dream Week.

Steve With George Costanza

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