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Steve with Cincinnati Big Red Machine great George Foster

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Skunk Country Chronicles

My first book, 'Skunk Country Chronicles,' was the most challenging to write. It was a nearly decade-long journey to transform the public file of a small-town radio station into a humorous adventure.


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Ali vs Teo: The Greatest Fight Ever Imagined

"Ali vs Teo" represents what might have occurred if the two most prominent fighters of the 1970s had been given the opportunity to compete against each other at the highest level of the sport.



21 Down In Vegas

"21 Down in Vegas" taps into my baseball fantasy of a small college team's accidental trip through the portal of the unimaginable.


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Snap Shots

"Snap Shots" is simply adding stories to pictures that would otherwise just be an unimagined stand-alone moment.


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Rock N’ Roll House Party

A year-by-year account of some of the greatest acts in pop music and their journey each year to perform in Portsmouth, Ohio at the Vern Riffe Center for the Arts.



Don't Touch That Radio Dial, (You Don't Know Where It's Been)

Coming Soon

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