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Steve's Reads Are Truly Unique

Experience stories that range from small town media adventures to wild sporting events. Steve Hayes has a story for everyone!

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To Tell A Great Story, You First Have To Live It!

Stories have the power to touch hearts, evoke emotions, and transport readers to different worlds, all from the comfort of your home. Steve knew early on that he had stories and adventures to tell that were sure to immerse and entertain each reader.

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Steve's Style Is To Put The Readers On The Pages With Boots On The Ground

With each story written by Steve Hayes, readers are promised a unique journey. His distinctive writing tone, combined with his knack for capturing the human experience, ensures that every story is a masterpiece.

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Experience stories that mirror real-life experiences that have occurred throughout Steve's life, making every story relatable and genuine.



Feel the dedication and enthusiasm for storytelling in each word, sentence, and chapter of every book.

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Great stories always come from within. Interact with stories that keep readers in mind and are enjoyable and easy to connect with.

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Steve's Interesting Look At Life Makes Reading Books Fun Again

Steve understands that readers want a book that entertains and interests them. Serving the community as a radio host for 30 years has given Steve the writing hitch that he has today. He is committed to providing fun and fan-friendly books that all readers will enjoy.

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21 Down In Vegas is a terrific baseball fantasy that any sports fan will enjoy. It mixes well known players from Major League Baseball with a whole new cast of characters. The premise comes to life as the writing of author Steve Hayes jumps off the page with the skill of an infielder turning a pretty double play at second base. Great story and a fun read!


21 Down In Vegas:

Magic in the Madness

5 star review

Boxing fan or not, you'll be intrigued by the way writer Steve A. Hayes takes you behind the potential international blow up, the WBO decision and even how then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger might have felt about such a match. You'll be right at ring side when the Greatest of All Time Professional Boxer meets the undefeated Best of All Time amateur. I liked how Steve used his creativity to set up each aspect for what might have been and make something every fan will enjoy.


Ali vs Teo: The Greatest Fight Ever Imagined

5 star review

Steve Hayes hit a home run with this ultimate sports fantasy! I purchased the book on my Kindle last week and I absolutely could not put it down. Throughout the book the author loads the bases by interweaving new and interesting subplots. These loose ends brilliantly get tied together at the end of the story resulting in one major GRAND SLAM. If you’re a sports fan or simply a fan of a great original story; I highly recommend this one of a kind page turner!


21 Down In Vegas:

Magic in the Madness

5 star review
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Getting Your Favorite Book In 3 Steps:

1. Browse Collection

Steve’s collection ranges from stories about his personal experiences and love of small town radio, to sporting stories.


2. Buy Your Book

After you find your book selection, purchase it from the shop by choosing from the payment options available.


3. Enjoyment

Get ready to be entertained by Steve’s unique and personable stories. Every book is tailored for all readers.

Additional Stories To Tell

Beyond the books, there are stories and reflections that are waiting to be shared by Steve. Dive into these additional stories today!

Check Out My Podcast.

My podcast, Voices of Your Life, is now available for everyone to listen. Stay tuned for new episodes!

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